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I'm fed up with federal, state and local governments and their attitude about "speeders." That's what they call us. People who drive faster than the limit posted on the signs. While child molesters, rapists, serial murders & terrorists walk the streets freely, police departments assign up to half of their cops to catching people who's velocity is greater than what some bureaucrat says it should be. Most speed limits are arbitrary. They have no bearing on the roads or conditions. If any "Soap Opera Sally" complains loud enough, you can bet the sign will be changed to some ridiculous limit that she feels is "appropriate." So I've started this website to fight this "taxation by technology." That's right, speeding tickets have nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with MONEY. Technology has made it cost effective to give out speeding tickets. It's a revenue source now. Ever read any of the radar gun manufacturer's sales brochures? I have. They don't talk about how speeding effects death rates (it doesn't) or how giving out speeding tickets makes the roads safer (it doesn't) but instead talk about how much money their new whiz bang radar, lidar or other new technology is going to make the governing authority! No kidding. They talk about how any nimrod (ie, traffic officer) can operate their equipment (lowered training costs.) They talk about return on investment and revenue producing potential. So I'm going to use this site to help fight this garbage. Speeding never hurt anyone, except maybe some slow bugs or the occasional winged pigeon. As long as you are in control of your vehicle and not driving recklessly, then more power to you.

In fact, I've seen (and personally experienced) more accidents and near accidents caused by people talking on a phone than people speeding. And I've witnessed many more near accidents by people running red lights than caused by people merely speeding. The phrase "speed kills" is a myth. What kills people is the collision. Speed, by itself, does not cause any collision.

Here's another observation I've made: The people who drive at or below the speed limit run red lights 5 times more often than those that are driving 5-10 over the posted limit. Initially I thought this was just my bias against slow drivers. But over the past 2 years I've made a concentrated effort to monitor red light runners. About 80% of the people who run red lights are driving at or under the posted speed limit. I do not understand the mentality of these people, but more research needs to be done in this area because red light running KILLS people way more than just speed by itself.

Think radar guns are modern and reliable pieces of electronics equipment? Not so. Read the dozens of ways radar guns make mistakes and are open to abuse by over zealous cops under economic pressure.

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